Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Pdf

The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Fitness System is a combination of the Fbf Deluxe (Fat Burning Furnace BluePrint or Fbf eBook 162 pages with the entire weight loss plan), 3 months of email coaching & updates for 1 year PLUS+ 9 more months of emails from Rob & the Fbf Ultimate Success Toolkit.

The Success ToolKit has a Progress Tracker that is a workout chart in Pdf. You type in the boxes a record of how your belly fat burning routines are improving. You use the tracker as a diary of your fitness level continuing to escalate while your fat weight goes down. If you prefer, you can make a print out of the charts to put on a clipboard to write on.

A Fbf Body Fat Analyzer is included. It calculates your body fat percent after you fill in numbers about your weight, height and other measurements of your physique. There is a separate chart for men and women. You can optionally do this with your pc in a Microsoft Word or Excell sheet program.

Lastly in the ToolKit is the Metabolic Rate Calculator. It will estimate how many calories you should consume daily depending on your condition & how many calories you’re probably burning. This metabolic rate or guesstimate of how fast your body burns energy and the intracellular action of maintenance & recovery needs the optimal diet support that will produce weight loss success.

It’s important to know a good daily caloric range that’s not too far under or over so you that you will definitely lose fat weight, but not lean weight. Too much negative caloric stress will lead to definite failure. The body will defensively switch the energy burning more towards blood  & muscle than stored fat weight. Feed your muscles with the necessary dietary nutrition with calories so they increase in size, strength with a speedier fat burning metabolism.

The Fat Burning Furnace exercise routine or Rob Poulos‘ 15 Minute Miracle workout is illustrated in pictures in the Fbf eBook. He demonstrates the proper posture and movements of individual exercises pretty easily. It’s not complicated. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more, you may prefer to watch the entire workout in the Fbf BlowTorch video series.  Rob does the workout himself in proper form and in good timing that explains what and why High Intensity Interval Training is effective to burn body fat. He performs it carefully, and gives the viewer advice and encouragement for best results.

The Fbf BlowTorch videos are priced at about $30. You may have already seen the order page showing the Fbf Deluxe at $39.97, but you really get more at the same price with the Fbf Ultimate package. That’s free undates and email coaching for one year. The Fat Burning Furnace eBook (162 pgs.) and the Ultimate Success ToolKit. If you want it all with the videos, it’s the biggest Fbf package you can get at about $70.

Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Fitness System